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Wang Yuandan,Chairman, General Manager, Senior Engineer, 

National First-Class Construction Engineer, National First-Class Professional Manager.

After 60 years of hard work since its inception, Jiangxi Water & Hydropower Construction Group Co., Ltd. has pioneered an extraordinary development process and attained considerable progress, thanks to great concern and support from all sides of society, as well as selfless hardwork and unremitting dedication of generations of JWHC builders,thus a gratifying situation is formed in which cross-industry, cross-border, multi-level and diversified developments are in harmony. 

Customer satisfaction is our unremitting goal. Keen on innovation, JWHC strive to cope with the changing market and break through the inherent mode over 60 years of development as its starting point, further deepening reform, optimizing resource allocation, improving management, injecting strong vitality constantly into more scientific, pragmatic and efficient management for healthy and sustainable development.

A time will come with our sail piercing the clouds;

JWHC Builders will mount the wind, break the waves, and traverse the vast, rolling sea.

In the journey to the future,JWHC will strenuously forge ahead with continuous reform and innovation,sticking to the lofty ideal of "Globalization with Commitment,Harmonization with Construction", and the core concept of "Be honesty and diligent ",  creating exquisite masterpieces to repay society with responsibility and wisdom,and benefiting the people of the whole world!

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