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Hiking Mountains and Rivers Tirelessly

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From 10th to 11th July 2022, Mr. Xu Hongliang, President of JWHC Group and Executive Director of JOCC, inspected the RUSUMO hydropower project in Rwanda, accompanied by Wang Yuping, General Manager of Ethiopia Branch, Duan Haohao, Deputy General Manager of Kenya Branch, Huang Shengbao, Deputy Manager of Ethiopia Branch (RUSUMO project manager), and Huang Liang, Contract Manager.

On July 10th afternoon, accompanied by Project Manager Huang Shengbao, field visit on the main dam, switch station, tunnel, powerhouse, etc. were conducted by the delegation, and reports were debriefed on the operation and management, construction, and work planning of the RUSUMO hydropower project as well as problems that need to be coordinated at the group level. At the same time, detailed inquiries were made on relevant issues, and opinions on solutions were put forward.

After listening to the report, President Xu fully affirmed the work on the RUSUMO project in Rwanda, and also put forward specific guiding opinions on the next step:

I. Awareness of milestones shall be strengthened, the tunnel lining and sealing shall be completed on schedule, the foundation pouring of the main transformer shall meet the Employer's requirements, and overall arrangements for the remaining work of the project shall be well organized;

II. Experience and lessons shall be summarized, without any wildly optimistic, meticulous and practical contract management work shall be fine-tuned and on-track to ensure the DB implementation;

III. Unity brings strength, and communication enhances mutual trust. Two lines of production and contract management should be intersected and actively communicated through mutual trust and cooperation, and strive to find new opportunities and make greater achievements under the premise of DB implementation achievements.

Finally, President Xu, on behalf of the Group, expressed his ardent concern for the employees in the project and expressed his heartfelt thanks and cordial sympathy to those who clung to the front line despite the epidemic.





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