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JWHC Group President Visited Uganda to Guide the Work

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From July 19th to 25th, 2022,Xu Hongliang, President of the JWHC Group and Executive Director of JOCC, accompanied by Tang Zhibing, general manager of the Uganda Branch, and Li Jiangxia, deputy general manager, inspected the projects under construction and put forward guiding comment on the current and future business work.

President Xu visited Kampala City Drainage Project, UNDP National Referral Hospital Project, and Uganda Business Facilitation Centre (UBFC) Project, respectively. President Xu first extended cordial condolences to the frontline staff and their families who stayed overseas during the epidemic while being debriefed the detailed reports on the progress, construction plan and work plan. He issued requirements as follows: 1. Focus on detail management for a good image and reputation as a solid foundation for future operation. 2. Effective measures shall be taken to ensure the completion of the project on schedule. 3. Contract and claim management shall be the core of future work. The project team should perform the contract and implement the claim plan conscientiously for any risk avoidance.

On July 20th, President Xu and his delegation held talks with General James Mugira, President of National Enterprise Corporation at NEC HQ on the Liaoshen Industrial Park project in Uganda. General Muguira recognized JWHC Group as a strong construction team and rich construction experience in overseas markets, having successfully undertaken projects in Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda and other countries. He believed JWHC Group could execute the project to successful completion. President Xu appreciated the General for his trust in JWHC  to fulfill the entrusted project, as JWHC will take root in the Uganda market for closer cooperation with NEC.

On July 21st, President Xu and his delegation held talks with Mr. Sally, deputy director of Kampala Capital City Authority, the Employer of the drainage project. Mr. Sally expressed his satisfaction with the current progress. The drainage project is a government project for the people. He sincerely wishes JWHC shall get it completed ASAP to benefit the local residents. At the same time, the recent project program is also debriefed to JWHC. President Xu expressed his gratitude to the Employer for his support and help to the project, and introduced the development history and other successful overseas projects, looking forward to long-term cooperation in the future.

During this period, President Xu also had a discussion with Chinese-funded enterprises Power China and China Communications Construction Corp., on the current situation and development prospects of Uganda's market for further cooperation.

President Xu also made arrangements for the JWHC Uganda branch:1. To strengthen existing channels, and focus on governmental  projects;  2. To cultivate a higher-level market network; 3. In-depth communication with Chinese-funded enterprises to seek opportunities for win-win cooperation.

During President Xu's visit, the projects undertaken were carefully sorted out, the importance of project management was highlighted, higher requirements were put forward, and the staff morale was encouraged. At the same time, guidance for the way forward has also been issued. Under the leadership of the JWHC Group, Uganda Branch will go all out to achieve its goal in market development.






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