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JWHC President Visited Indonesia To Guide the Work

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On August 2nd, Xu Hongliang, president of the JWHC Group and executive director of JOCC, flew all the way from Benin to Indonesia to inspect and guide the work. Accompanied by Yao Lei, head of the PT JOCC Indonesia, Li Shukui, deputy manager of the marketing department, and others, he listened to the work report of the Indonesian company and made field visits to key projects under construction.

8月3日,徐总裁在听取了印尼公司成立十年来的工作汇报后,肯定了印尼公司取得的成绩,付出的辛苦,同时指出:印尼公司要认真总结十年来成功的经验,勇于反思存在的不足,找准工作的方向,探索有效的工作方法,聚焦市场开发这一主线,用踏实的工作,集中精力打造高效的信息渠道和有效的市场经营网络,切实提升印尼公司的核心竞争能力,把印尼市场“做专、做深、做强” ,争取早出成绩,快出成果。

On August 3rd, having debriefed the work report, President Xu affirmed their achievements and hard work. At the same time, he pointed out the way forward. Successful experience in the past ten years shall be summarized, current challenges shall be overcome with a practical methodology that focuses on the main line of market development, as well as efficient information channels and an effective market operation network. the core competitiveness shall be forged devoting to a “specialized, boosted and stronger" market, thus early positive results can be achieved as expected in Indonesia.

8月4日至6日 徐总裁在印尼分公司负责人姚磊和项目经理刘进的陪同下,深入伯恩水电站项目现场视察指导工作,看望和慰问项目全体员工。

From August 4th to 6th, accompanied by Yao Lei and PM Liu Jin, President Xu visited Bone Hydropower Project and consoled all the team staff on site.


During the Bone Hydropower project inspection, the detailed work report was debriefed, and detailed information concerning construction organization, schedule plan, BoQ reporting, claim settlement, epidemic prevention measures, coordination and other aspects of the project report was provided with specific instructions respectively.


After debriefing, President Xu went deep into the construction site, inspected the project entities, visited the project builders who were working on the construction site, inquired in detail about the site safety, production progress, quality and cost control, and specific requirements issued for project quality, contract management and risk prevention.


During the peak of the third wave of the COVID-19 epidemic in Indonesia, President Xu took risks and went deep into the construction site, such care and family-like warmth from the leaders were deeply heartfelt by All the staff who clung to the overseas front. With concerted and unremitting efforts for the smooth completion of the project, all staff will make contributions to the cause of JWHC's overseas business.





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