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Deputy Minister of Public Works of Mozambique Inspected Corumana

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On April 24, at the critical completion moment of the national key project, Ms. Cecília  Chamutota, Deputy Minister of Public Works and Water Resources inspected  Corumana dam, accompanied by the Director of the National Water Resources and the General Manager of Ara-sul,as well as the heads of relevant government agencies.

Focus on details construction and the overall progress of the project, Ms. Cecília  Chamutota witnessed the successively demonstration of hoisting and lowering the radial gate. Highly appreciated the performance of the work, She declared that  guarantees of all epidemic preventive measures  are being observed in all public works,such as  the resettlement house, saddle dam, spillway and the new office building of Ara-Sul agency. Under the current circumstance of COVID19  raging around the world, excellent Chinese contractors like JWHC still manged to overcome the challenges facing the frontline work through various effectivle prevention and control measures, fully reflecting the spirit of compliance and dedication, which deserves great honor and respect ! She said even though the epidemic will last for some time,  we should always look to Mozambique  government and Minister of Public Works as  a strong backing for the contractor to overcome any difficulities. She emphasized both the Minister of Public Works and Water Resources as  the owner,and JWHC Mozambique Lda as the contractors should be united sincerely,with a clear awareness on various negative impacts from this epidemic,with proper preventive control measures and strong actions, sticking to integral and overall plans, moving forward steadily until the final moment when the successful completion and handover of Corumana Dam as scheduled, bringing water that benefit to 3 million  people in the Greater Maputo region.

Chester Feng, JWHC Mozambique branch manager, briefed to the Deputy Minister  on latest development JWHC  has achieved so far in Mozambique and worldwide.  Chester said JWHC as a team to undertaken most formidable tasks and deeply rooted in Mozambique, we are a good friend of the Mozambicans.He expressed that public works in Mozambique will surely be enriched with more excellent projects through scientific management and careful organization, looking forward to continuously contributing to development in Mozambique.

Mozambique's national television station, mainstream media and well-known Internet sites covered the entire inspection.

Deputy Minister Ms. Cecilia (third from left) visits the completed resettlement house

Deputy Minister Ms. Cecilia  visited the Saddle Dam

Panorama of saddle dam

Deputy Minister Ms. Cecilia visited new office building

Panorama of Corumana Dam Inspection

Panorama of 6 spillway radial gates

Interviewed by national television  

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