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Strengthening Compliance and Integrity to Protect Evergreen Foundation of JWHC

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Jiangxi Water and Hydropower Construction Co., Ltd. ("JWHC") is a company with a glorious history of 60 years. From a hydropower engineering team at the foot of Mountain Lu, JWHC has developed into an outstanding large-scale engineering construction enterprise with international operations today. JWHC holds faith in good integrity and a sound compliance system as important cornerstones for the long-term foundation and sustainable development of the company.

In order to continue JWHC’s rapid and healthy development, JWHC is committed to strengthening the construction of the integrity and compliance system throughout the company to ensure that it stays ahead and meets the industry's best practice standards in order to implement JWHC's emphasis on compliance and integrity and to echo the state’s call for building the integrity system.

JWHC will revise the company's existing system and set new systems and procedures to ensure that JWHC and employees' behaviors meet the requirements of laws and international standards, and will also set up specific processes to ensure these requirements being carried out. It is the duty of every employee of JWHC to follow the standards of integrity and compliance. JWHC requires all employees to pay attention to the relevant systems and procedures to be revised and released, and will provide adequate related training to employees. In addition, JWHC is committed to building the company's integrity and compliance culture which will fundamentally guarantee the implementation of the integrity and compliance system.

In order to effectively promote the above work, I have selected Chief Economist Mr. Sun Bagen as the company's chief compliance officer, responsible for the company's integrity and compliance system construction and related affairs. I believe that he is fully qualified for this job based on his deep understanding of the industry, rich experiences, and international perspective.

All employees of JWHC are requested to put a high value on the importance of the integrity and compliance system construction, consciously abide by the company system, actively participate in relevant training, and fully cooperate with the compliance officer to work together for the company's long-term foundation!


Chairman of Jiangxi Water and Hydropower Construction Co., Ltd.
Mr. Wang Yuandan

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