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JWHC Holding True to "Going Global”Strategy

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Special Interview on“Jiangxi Story”of B&R Initiative

——JWHC holding true to the “Going Global”strategy



On December 5, a special report was aired on Jiangxi satellite TV news broadcasting our "investment-construction-operation " project - Kenya Two Rivers Mall Complex Project!


Invested, constructed and operated by JWHC in Kenya, Two Rivers Mall is just one B&R Initiative among the 20 most influential projects in 2018,  one of the milestone projects in China-Kenya cooperation. Construction of Two Rivers Mall was commenced in 2014,  the opening ceremony was formally launched by President of Kenya in 2017. It is the largest and most intelligent shopping center in East Africa and Central Africa, providing great convenience for the Kenyan people, and attracting people and tourists home and broad.

作为江西省最早走出国门的排头兵,近年来,公司紧紧围绕江西省参与国家“一带一路”建设的总体规划,实施“大海外战略”,业务范围覆盖海外20多个国家,国际业务竞争能力、国际市场影响力和品牌认可度不断提升,在国际市场上创造了优异的业绩, 被评为全球最大国际承包商250强、江西省“走出去”十大领军企业、江西省“走出去”先进单位。

As the earliest pioneer of Going Global in Jiangxi Province, JWHC in recent years has closely followed and participated in “Grand Overseas Strategy”. Its business scope covers more than 20 overseas countries. The competitiveness of International business and the influence of international market as well as the recognition of the brand have been continuously improved, creating excellent performance in the international market. It has been rated as one of the world's top 250 largest international contractors, top 10 leading enterprises and advanced unit of "Going Global" in Jiangxi Province .




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