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His Excellency Filipe Nyusi,President of Mozambique, Inspected the Corumana Project

Author: release time: 2019-11-29 browsing number: 0 In November, the southern hemisphere was scorching, yet the heat of 40℃  was not as high as the enthusiasm of JWHC builders.
November 28th  is a special day for JWHC Corumana  team, a distinguished leader was ushered in ——  His Excellency Filipe Nyusi, President of Mozambique himself.

At 10 am, the President arrived the site without pomp from Maputo 150km away, and promptly went straight to the spillway for inspection. He was cordially welcomed by JWHC director &  JWHC Overseas Executive Director Zhang Zhouping, and others.

His Excellency expressed his full affirmation of our spiritual outlook and construction situation on site,having witnessed radial gates, embedded parts, pier beams and other key hydromechanical equipments.

As the source of life for Capital people,Corumana Dam also plays important roles on flood prevention and clean power generation. It is a national key livelihood project with  magnificent political and eco-social benefits,the president pointed out.
Corumana Dam expansion are in the final stages thanks to excellent Chinese enterprises like JWHC, can work together with the clients, engineers and other interests. It's his sincere wish to bring this historic project to completion with due sincerity, unity, quality and efficiency,and contribute to the well-being of the 4 million people en route Capital.

Director Zhang Zhouping briefed the delegates on the development JWHC Overseas has been achieved so far as a new player in Mozambique. Being a practitioner of China's grand "one belt and one road" initiative, we are full of confidence to be deeply rooted in the region with firm determination and long-last perseverance. We hope to contribute more to  Mozambican with high quality project.
The President was accompanied by the Minister of Public Works, the Governor of Maputo Province, the Director of DNGRH, as well as the representatives of the owners, engineers, contractors and local residents.Mozambique national television and mainstream media reported the whole inspection course.
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