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Chairman Wang Yuandan inspects the Indonesian market

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From November 13th to 20th, local time, Wang Yuandan,secretary of the Party Committee  and chairman of the board of directors,  inspected Indonesian market, visited the Counselor's Office of the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia,and  warmly received by Minister counsellor Wang Liping.

During his stay in Indonesia, chairman Wang accompanied general manager of Sinosure Jiangxi branch Xu dunpeng and his delegation to have a discussion with local partners of our company and heads of relevant departments of Indonesia's PLN. General manager Xu introduced the policy functions of China SINOSURE, and briefed the basic project introduction as well as the investment  process and policies of the local hydropower station development, and conducted in-depth communication on the investment and financing structure construction, which played a positive role in promoting the implementation of the project.

Later, chairman Wang conducted site inspections to Indonesia branch and anggoci hydropower station project, and listened to the work report of main management personnel of Indonesia branch and project department.

During his stay in JWHC Indonesia branch, Chairman Wang respectively gave important instructions on the existing problems, future development prospects, and the way forward to strengthen project management, further expand the Indonesian market with high engineering quality, good corporate brand, and enhancing competitiveness.

Anggoci hydropower station in Indonesia is an EPC + F project undertaken by JWHC Indonesia,  a runoff hydropower station mainly for power generation. During the inspection, Chairman Wang  visited the construction site, listened to the progress report, and expressed cordial condolences to the front-line staff. The Chairman fully affirmed their hard work under the tough conditions, and at the same time, encouraged that further efforts shall be kept up to innovative learning  and thinking, with the courage to take responsibility,each project link shall be under strictly control , and become comprehensive multitask talents as required to establish a good corporate brand image of JWHC.

The care and warmth deeply felt in heart,the morale of front-line staff resident abroad has been greatly inspired by Chairman’s inspection of the Indonesian market. Taking root in Indonesia,they expressed that they would definitely work hard and live up to the expectations, deepen the market and grow together with JWHC.

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