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JWHC Actively participating disaster relief in Mozambique

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On the evening of March 14, a strong tropical cyclone IDAI in the Mozambique Strait of the South Indian Ocean landed on the central coast of Sofala Province, Mozambique. Sofala, Manica and the surrounding provinces suffered from days of strong winds and rains,Electricity, water supply, transportation and communications were interrupted, infrastructure was seriously damaged, thousands of people were killed and injured, and hundreds of thousands of people were left homeless. 

The disaster has aroused widespread concern in the international community and has also touched the hearts of all Chinese in Mozambique. When trouble occurs at one spot, help comes from all quarters 

The company, as a member of the enterprises and chambers of Commerce in Mozambique, organizes all Chinese employees in the name of the company, donating a total of 150,000 local currency , and selflessly assisting the people of Mozambique to overcome the difficulties. .

On March 27, the disaster relief donation ceremony was held at the headquarters of the National Disaster Relief Bureau in Maputo.  The Chinese Ambassador to Mozambique, Sujian, Counsellor Liu Xiaoguang of the Business Department, The head of JWHC Mozambique Branch,the head of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Mozambique and the leaders of the relevant departments in Mozambique attended the ceremony. Casimiro Abreu, deputy director of Mozambique's National Disaster Relief Bureau, sincerely thanked the Chinese government and enterprises for their concern and support, and highly valued the important role played by Chinese-funded enterprises in Mozambique in infrastructure, economic development and social assistance. Ambassador SuJian fully affirmed the righteous deeds of Chinese enterprises. The important role played by the majority of Chinese-funded enterprises in this disaster relief assistance once again proves that the traditional friendship between China and Mozambique has a long history and is unbreakable. 
The company pays attention to integration into local society, pays attention to people's livelihood in the project host country, supports local education, trains local staff, promotes social employment, and achieves common development. Further to JWHC-aid Corumana Primary School,the disaster relief donation campaign is another good thing for the people of Mozambique . The company sincerely wishes all the affected people can get through the difficulties, actively involved in restore and rebuild activities, and create a better future!


Guests and leaders of Chinese-funded enterprises participating in donations

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