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Ministers of Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi and World Bank team inspecting RUSUMO project

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On February 4, 2019, the ministers of Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi visited the Rusumo hydropower project in Rwanda. Being loaned from the World Bank and jointly shared by three countries, all shareholders have attached important interest to this project. The ministers visited  water intake, tunnel and factory building,respectively. They have made affirmation to the construction of the project, and project owners and contractors are required to make persistent efforts to expedite the progress and generate power as soon as possible.



The ministers of three countries visited the tunnel


The next day, the World Bank inspection team also came to the project site as scheduled. After hearing the reports from the owners and contractors, the inspection team expressed satisfaction with the project and requested the team to continue to maintain the current status and speed up the construction progress.




The World Bank inspection team visited the water intake


It is both an encouragement and an impelling force for the entire RUSUMO team to usher into traditional Chinese New Year with two high-profile visiting teams.  We are confident that In 2019, the project team will move forward to fully achieve the targeted goal.

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