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GM Huang of JWHC Overseas convey his greetings to Nairobi project group

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February 5, 2019 is traditional Chinese Spring Festival. On the morning of the New Year's Day, accompanied by the general manager of the Kenya branch, He Xiang, and the deputy general manager Tang Zhibing, the company's director and general manager of the overseas company, Huang Zhengmin, visited the project group in Nairobi, Kenya, the Victoria Bank project, Alma408 apartment project, KeNHA Office Complex Project and KPA Office Project.


Mr. Huang and his party inspected the construction site and listened to the work report by the project department. He first expressed his heartfelt gratitude and the blessings of the New Year to the staffs who were still fighting on the front line of the New Year's Eveon behalf of board of directors, overseas companies, as well as Chairman Wang Yuandan, executive director Zhang Zhouping. He highlighted to all project departments that quality, safety and progress shall be under strict control, the contract shall be fully executed, thus the brand image of JWHC shall be upheld. At the same time, all projects are required to study the contract in earnest,seizing the main line of contract management, strengthen communication with the owners, consulting engineers, seeking maximum profits, thus expanding and boosting the company's overseas business.

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