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Inspection team inspected He River Project Lot2

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Led by chief engineer Mr. Hu, chief expert Mr. Guo and deputy director Mr. Wang, a safety production inspection at He River Project Lot 2 was conducted on January 11th,2019. 
The  the project progress report and civilized management measures on the site was briefed, the safety production documents were reviewed, before the site inspection was carried out. The specific requirements for site safety and civilized construction were highlighted. Firstly, the importance of safety and civilized construction shall be highly valued so as to build a safety awareness; Secondly,  on-site safety and civilized management shall be strengthened,  the construction process shall be strictly followed in order to minimize the occurrence of major safety accidents; Thirdly, safety and civilized management measures shall be taken from the very details, safety and civilized construction standards shall get improved; Fourthly the concept of  on-site culture construction shall be enhanced so as to improve the overall management level of the project.
Its sincere hope that through this inspection, the awareness of safety shall get enhanced, civilized construction management level shall get improved.  

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