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JWHC Ranks 174 IN ENR Top 250 International Contractors

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On August 31st 2018 the “Engineering News-Record (ENR) Top 250 International Contractors  Ranking Ceremony” was held at  China International Contractors Association (CHINCA), about 180 people attended the event representing 69 leading Chinese companies among which JWHC is one that ranks 174  in ENR Top 250 International Contractors. 

"Globalization with Commitment, Harmonization with Construction"  

As the motto of our company goes,since its inception six decades ago, JWHC has committed its talents and advantages to global market exploitation  in diversified business based on water & hydropower construction,real estate development, highway and municipal industries  through engineering,  contracting, investing and financing services, and boost overall business growth with harmonization.

Mr. Huang Zhengmin, director of JWHC and general manager of JWHC overseas attended the ceremony and received the medal 

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