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Having discussed  in enlarged executive meeting and approved by the board of directors,Jiangxi Water and Hydropower Construction Co.,Ltd Overseas Branch was established on the basis of original international engineering department,so as to accelerate the development and management of overseas market,and speed up establishment of the organization and business coordination system for international engineering development.

Persistent implementation of “go global”strategy and comprehensive development of overseas market,it is an essential need for Jiangxi Water And Hydropower Construction Co.,Ltd to build a transnational and cross-industry group enterprise, an important direction for JWHC to expand its own developing space ,and to cultivate new growth point. Participating in economy aid and bidding for international projects since the beginning of 1990s, JWHC has not only undertaken dozens of projects in Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Tunisia, Kingdom of Tonga, Kenya, Afghanistan, Vietnam and Indonesia, but also set up branches and offices in corresponding country. Nowadays, the huge potential African and Asian markets have become a very important position for JWHC, a global contractor with strong competitiveness that consistently driven by “go global” strategy, and the fair situation has been founded by fanning out to one area from one point .

For better driving developing international market strategy, making plenty of friends and winning business chances, the leaders of the company have cleared and tidied their mind and imported one batch of professional experts who are full of creation and high quality for new Overseas Branch,which is a kind of support for developing international market by providing bidding quotation, construction schedule, quality control, materials, contract management and legal services.Furthermore, Overseas Branch will also  will also make great efforts to train and import complex, innovated and export-oriented international senior management experts, contributing their own spanning development for the spanning development of mother company with good  governance and enthusiastic spirit!

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